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A healthy environment from the floor up.

Carpets and area rugs have a tendency to trap bacteria and microorganisms. If your floor is full of these nasty germs, creating a healthy indoor environment for your employees and customers becomes even more difficult. Regular deep cleaning performed by a professional commercial carpet cleaner is critical to keeping a healthy indoor environment. All of our commercial cleaning services, including commercial carpet cleaning, meet the highest standards set by OSHA.

Reduce indoor air pollution in the workplace.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), carpets and area rugs absorb and then release a plethora of indoor air pollutants, including toxic airborne gases that easily get trapped in your carpet. A professional carpet cleaner will be able to disrupt the nasty cycle of absorbing and releasing pollutants by using professional grade equipment to keep your floor as clean as possible.

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Prevent the buildup of allergens & germs.

Your carpet behaves similarly to the filter in a heating / air conditioning system. Airborne particles like mold spores, allergens and other unwanted bacteria get trapped in carpets, then overtime, released back into the air. Scheduling regular services with a commercial carpet cleaner prevents the buildup of allergens and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew.

Create the right first impression for your clients and employees. 

Impressing your clients is important. As a business owner, you know it takes more effort to remedy a bad impression than it does to make a good impression in the first place. When a client walks into your office, they start processing everything within seconds. If what the clients see are stained, weathered carpet or employees suffering from colds and allergies, they are not going to be staying for long. A clean environment from the floor up to the ceilings will keep your clients impressed and your employees feeling healthier and more productive.

You should only hire the best commercial carpet cleaner.

Team Clean provides commercial carpet cleaning services that help your carpets look beautiful and last longer by removing trapped dust, allergens and other unwanted bacteria. Invest in regular commercial carpet cleanings from Team Clean, and in return, you will not only get great looking carpets but also improved air quality and a healthier work environment from one of the best commercial carpet cleaning services.

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