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Janitorial services

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What are janitorial services?

Janitorial services involve the professional cleaning of commercial buildings and spaces. Common businesses that can benefit from hiring a janitorial service are hospitals, banks, offices, car dealerships, clinics, and schools. Services are typically provided on a regular basis, and custom service schedules can always be created to ensure your business gets the attention it requires. Some of the duties provided by janitorial services include cleaning and restocking restrooms, kitchens and break rooms, floor maintenance, dusting, as well as glass and mirror cleaning. Team Clean specializes in providing your business exactly what it needs to stay the cleanest and healthiest possible.

What does a janitorial service provide?

Janitorial services provide countless benefits to business owners and management. A professional janitorial service will properly and efficiently maintain your commercial property. You will find benefits such as reduction of employee sick days, increased productivity, and more time to spend on what matters most- your business.

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20.2 million square feet cleaned since 2004

Reduce germs and reduce sick days.

It has been reported that regular office cleaning significantly reduces the amount of microorganisms and unwanted bacteria found on surfaces and in the air. Maintaining a clean environment helps to ensure your business stays as healthy as possible. Team Clean’s janitorial service is fully compliant with all OSHA standards and has been keeping local businesses clean and healthy for decades. We have the expertise required to properly clean and maintain your business.

Healthy employees are more productive.

Many employers are unaware of the connection between being healthy and being productive. The indirect costs of poor health include absenteeism, decreased capability, and reduced output. On average, productivity losses due to personal and family health problems cost U.S. business owners over $1500 per employee per year. Maintaining a clean business environment will decrease the odds of employees catching infectious diseases in the workplace.

Cleaning is the core of our business, not yours.

Team Clean’s janitorial service can help you free up more time to focus on your business and the attention it requires to grow and thrive. Our janitorial staff loves to clean and knows how to do so quickly, thoroughly and effectively. Decades of experience and a full set of professional cleaning equipment ensures your business is in great hands and will be kept clean and healthy.

Keeping your business clean & healthy since 2004

Team Clean cares about every property we clean. Our janitorial services are timely, professional, and dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Whether we have the pleasure of teaming up with you for a one-time cleaning or provide janitorial services on a more regular basis, you can count on the same incredible level of quality each time. We provide our janitorial services on on weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and fully custom schedules.

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