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Post construction cleaning

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You want to enjoy the finished product.

After the final nails are hammered, there will still be plenty to do before you can start getting settled in. Hiring a professional post construction cleaning service will save you time and money. Team Clean has the combination of special tools and knowledge to provide an exemplary post construction cleaning, ensuring you start off on the right foot as you establish yourself in your new space.

Construction is really messy.

Our post construction cleaning team can expertly tackle the mess. Building a home takes time, and unless you love cleaning like we do, you have not been waiting for your first chance to clean your new home. You have been waiting to finally move in and see how everything came together! Hiring a post construction cleaning service gives you the opportunity to fully enjoy moving into your new home. Team Clean has years of experience providing post construction cleaning services and guarantees your home will get the most thorough top to bottom cleaning before you arrive.

We clean as they build.

One of our unique services is cleaning your home as it is being built. We can come in as the construction is nearing completion and start thoroughly cleaning area by area to get ahead of the final mess. Why not reduce the amount of time you have to wait between post construction and moving in?

new construction home, clean and ready to move in

20.2 million square feet cleaned since 2004

Team up with professionals.

Team Clean's post construction cleaning services are sure to impress. We provide you confidence and peace of mind knowing your new home is dust and dirt free. Your drains and other household fixtures will be spotless. Your air ducts will be pristine and dust free. Years of  experience have taught our professional cleaning team all the places a newly built home will collect dirt and grime. Whether a remodeling job or a new home build, construction is never truly done until it’s clean and move-in ready.

Each post construction cleaning job has unique requirements. 

Scuff marks, drywall splatter, endless amounts of dust… the mess left behind a construction project is massive and requires specialized skills. Only an experienced professional will be able to get the post construction cleaning service done to a satisfactory level. Hiring an amatuer for this job could put move-in dates and other critical details on the line. Our team has plenty of experience with new construction homes and will get the job done, on time.

Keeping your home clean & healthy since 2004

Team Clean cares about every home we clean. Our post construction cleaning service, as well as all house cleaning services are timely, professional, and dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Whether we have the pleasure of teaming up with you for a one-time cleaning or provide house cleaning services on a more regular basis, you can count on the same incredible level of quality each time.

For over 16 years, Team Clean has been committed to leaving each home better and brighter than we found it so that our clients can enjoy the utmost relaxation and make the most out of their time. We take the burden of house cleaning out of your hands and turn your home into a clean, healthy sanctuary for your family to enjoy.

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