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Vacation Home Maintenance

Maintaining a second home comes with its own set of unique challenges. Team Clean offers multiple services to take on some of the toughest of those challenges. If you provide your second home as a rental for short term guests, we can handle the entire cleaning process from changing linens to stocking toiletries. If you and your family live in your second home for part of the year, Team Clean can make sure everything is in working order and freshened up before your arrival. Our team has decades of experience providing vacation home cleaning services to households like yours.

A clean home is a healthy home. 

Breathe fresher air, enjoy a home with fewer germs, and create an environment that is cleaner, healthier and stress free. Invest in house cleaning services from Team Clean and expect returns such as having a clean and organized home, a healthier environment for you and your family, as well as more time to enjoy the things you love.

Airbnb, Vrbo, and other short-term rentals

Hosting your home on any short term rental site can be a good way to earn income on an otherwise empty property. Keeping the business running smoothly requires a certain standard of excellence. As a host, you must be certain that your property is spotless, fully stocked and everything is in working order. It sounds simple enough, but when you take into consideration the high volume of renters and the fact you don’t live in-town, outsourcing the job to a reliable team is your best option. Team Clean has been managing short term rental properties in the area since before Airbnb was ever established and has the necessary expertise to smoothly manage your property.

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20.2 million square feet cleaned since 2004

Why hire a professional cleaning service?

Cycling through sets of linens and towels, replacing burnt out lightbulbs, tightening door knobs and fixtures… These are a handful of the services you will need when taking care of your vacation home. An inexperienced cleaner might get overwhelmed by the process or shy away from offering ‘extra’ services. Team Clean only hires professional cleaners who go above and beyond. We know what it takes to properly care for vacation homes and short term rentals, and we take care of every home like it’s our own. Our intention is to blow you away with our service and manage your property for years to come.

Routine cleaning keeps your home fresh.

Even if you only live in your home for part of the year, it’s important to schedule routine maintenance and cleaning services. The buildup of dust, dirt and other unwanted grime can over time start to breakdown the quality and functionality of your home furnishings, fixtures and spread germs throughout your home. Maintaining a regular cleaning routine in addition to scheduling a deep cleaning prior to your arrival ensures your home stays in the cleanest, healthiest condition possible.

We stand behind our services and provide a 24 hour guarantee.

Team Clean cares about every home we clean. Our vacation home services, as well as all other house cleaning services, are timely, professional and dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Whether we have the pleasure of teaming up with you for a one-time task or provide vacation home services on a more frequent basis, you can count on the same incredible level of quality each time.


Team Clean is committed to leaving each home better and brighter than we found it. We take the burdens of maintaining a home and property out of your hands and turn them into a clean, safe sanctuary for you to enjoy.

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